Wednesday, June 8, 2011


he was hiding from the


crouching behind the office desk
he felt the cold plastic of the
in his pocket


he knew he was right

which raised an interesting question

if the

outside thought they were right
and he thought he was right
how could either of them be wrong

that was a question that he and


would go on for hours about



stopped all that now

he was going to stop all of them


never would have approved
and that was why
brought him in

why isn't patrick
more manly
he's not a real boy
you don't suppose he's
he can't be
but what if
no son of mine
would be one of them

look dear
they'll make him

like he should be

so what

so what if they beat him
it'll fix him

so what if they make him feel small

it'll fix him

so what if they tell him he's wrong

it'll fix him

well guess what

it didn't

he found the chord
plugged the player in
stood up
took a breath


always for him

find his favorite song
hit play
hear the drums

'here's the thing we started out friends'
oh how they hated this
he can hear them coming now
to find out which queer was messing up the audio
stopping the hymns

they open the door
and he smiles
this is it
he pulls the trigger
and watches the bigots bleed

'but since you been gone/i can breath for the first time'

door by door
kill them all
leave not a single freak homophobe alive
leave the kids
but let them watch
this is their vengeance

they all go down
this is perfect
they don't know what hit them
they weren't prepared for a shooter
here come the police

he stands on a table
begins to sing
as the cops approach
could sing with the best of them
but he
he couldn't
but he tried anyway
his favorite song this time
he sang as they shot him
everybody's got the right to be happy.
say, enough it's not as tough
as it seems don't be scared
you won't prevail everybody's
free to fail no one can be put in jail
for their dreams free country

bullet in his head
before he could
sing the end of the line

-Means your dreams can come true-

Some Context

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